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Free Games - Cheats for PlayStation, PC, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, & SNES. Also has PC game downloads including Direct x and Winzip.

Free games to download. Huge selection from action, adventure, arcade, board, card, dice, platform, puzzle, and mobile games! There are also more types of games you can play for absolutely free.

Check out the below games we think you'll enjoy!

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Our Hot Pick Selection

Hot Pick Number 1 South Park Super Mario Brothers

South park mario title screen (Click to enlarge)
South Park Mario Title Screen
South park mario ingame (Click to enlarge)
South Park Mario Ingame
This game is identical to the Nintendo Mario Brothers except you are Kyle from south park and must rescue some of the other characters. If you are a Mario Brothers fan, download it. It's not as easy as you may think. Download Now | Check more Mario Bros Games here

Hot Pick Number 2 DX-Ball 2.0

DX-Ball 2.0 (Click to enlarge)
DX-Ball 2.0
Dx ball 2 another level (Click to enlarge)
Another Level
With more than 5 Million downloads (not specifically from this site), it's the breakout game that all others are compared to. DX-Ball 1.9 is a great game, imagine what version 2.0 is like! Great levels, great powerups it's definitely worth the download. [More Breakout Games] | Download Now

Hot Pick Number 3 Enchantasy: Quest For The Eternal Grimoire

Title screen (Click to enlarge)
Title Screen

Inside a house (Click to enlarge)
Inside a House

This game was pretty hard to get ahold of, we couldn't find a working link on the internet anywhere. We'd like to say thanks to Marc Johnson (Jouten Jinzounin) and his brother Jordan Johnson (b0dybu1ld3r) for sending us it. This is a game of mistery, even the commands are a mistery... To get this game working you need DOS Box to load the game into. You can download the game and the program needed from the following links. Download Game = | = Get DOSBox

Hot Pick Number 4 Oracle of Runes

Oracle of runes puzzle b (Click to enlarge)
Oracle of Runes
Puzzle A
Oracle of runes puzzle b (Click to enlarge)
Oracle of Runes
Puzzle B
Runes is a true brain twister for those who love solving logic puzzles. The Oracle of Runes is a animated fun puzzle for both young and old! (Obviously not too young). Download Now

Hot Pick Number 5 Tomb Raider 2

Tomb raider (Click to enlarge)
Tomb Raider


In this second installment in the series, archaeologist-mercenary Lara Croft goes after the legendary Dagger of Xian, an artifact rumored to give whoever possesses it the power of the dragon. Naturally Lara isn't the only one after the dagger [Continues here...]

More Recommendations

Alien WarsAlien Wars - Alien Wars is a fantastic shooter with amazing visual effects and fast-paced action, play this game from GameTop for free, as well as many other strategy games.

AuditoriumAuditorium - Auditorium is an interesting online game, you control light flows to cover some spots and create a melody. The more you advance the harder the puzzle will be.

Baseball Training - Baseball Training is a great game for those idle moments in the job, improve your ability hitting the baseball, you play with a cat...

Chicken InvadersChicken Invaders - Chicken Invaders is a funny version of Space Invaders with tons of features and actions, including 3D graphics and big bosses. The game has several sequels already, but they are not free, only this version is fully free.

Deadly StarsDeadly Stars - Deadly Stars is an action war game set in the space. You need to reach the Imperial troops and warn them about the pirates commanded by Jack Stone who are causing lots of problems...

EgyptoballEgyptoball - Egyptoball is a game based on the famous breakout, but with a 3D egyptian environment. Break blocks and collect items to activate magic spells.

GiantCrayon SudokuArcade for MacGiantCrayon SudokuArcade for Mac - GiantCrayon SudokuArcade for Mac is a game who combines falling blocks, a ticking clock and the challenge of Sudoku. You can even move the blocks by tilting your laptop...

Golden Gloves BoxingGolden Gloves Boxing - Golden Gloves Boxing is a flash game in the same style of the famous Punch Out!, try to throw your punches very clever so you won't waste energy and beat the opponent.

Mario Forever GalaxyMario Forever Galaxy - Mario Forever Galaxy is an original Mario Bros game set in space, with all the aspects of a scrolling shooter, play a fast paced action game with Mario & Luigi as you have never played. One of the best Mario games I saw for now.

MuayThai ChampionshipMuayThai Championship - MuayThai Championship is a fight game in the same style of Mortal Kombat. Several enemies to beat, Japanese anime visual and concept design that sure will turn eyes...

OnslaughtOnslaught - Onslaught is you on a beach coast with a big powerful machine-gun. Just shoot whatever crosses the screen, you have tons of soldiers, also planes to avoid...

Project PowderProject Powder - Project Powder is not only snowboard races, is big game charged with lot of features, several kind of races, different game modes, and astonishing visual effects and you can compete with real people online.

Quake LiveQuake Live - Quake Live is an amazing online version of the popular MMORPG game of Quake. The graphics and special effects are as good as the original game for video consoles.

Rumble CubeRumble Cube - Rumble Cube is a great version of Tetris, with 3D graphics, an the added feature of an Earthquake that will shake all your game down...

Shot Online 2009Shot Online 2009 - Shot Online 2009 is a big game set into an RPG/Social style game. A great Golf simulation where you can meet other Golf lovers online, interact each other and of course, play a a Golf game.

Star DroneStar Drone - Star Drone is an unique and nice game about lighting up stars and collecting gems. It combines some of pinball with breakout games.

Super Mario All-StarsSuper Mario All-Stars - With Super Mario All-Star, stop looking for Mario Bros game. This is an amazing collection of several Mario Bros games, enhanced version of the originals made for Nintendo, the game has tons of features.

3D Games3D Games - Check here 3D Games, many kind of them, they are all free, enjoy games with great graphics like RIP3, Chicken Invaders, Desert Hawk, Galaxy Strike, Project Powder or Egyptoball.

Action GamesAction Games - Cool action games, including; 3D Dudes, AT-Rebots, Bird Hunter, Blair Witch Bomberman, Cosmo Dragon and more. There are also 3 other free download action game pages found in this one. Games starting with D-N, P-S, & T-Z.

Adventure GamesAdventure Games - Gythol Granditti: The Crypt of Darkness, Solar Winds & The Will are just some of the adventure games featured here. Some others you may also enjoy are Hocus Pocus, Lord Monarch, and the popular Tomb Raider.

Arcade GamesArcade Games - Free downloads for Alien Force, Bubble Pop, Chopper Command, Kill the Barney, CornCob and some other great arcade games that are for a range of ages. We also have a 2nd page which covers Mario Brothers & Pac Man.

Board GamesBoard Games - Classic Monopoly, Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, Mahjong, & Battleships are just a few of the board games that people love worldwide. As well as these, we also have Mastermind to give your brain a workout, & tic tac toe to relax.

Card GamesCard Games - Black jack, bridge, canasta, cribbage, free cell, hearts, & poker are just a few of the most popular card games around, and that we have downloads for. Any gambling games found do not require real money to play.

Casino GamesCasino Games - Free slot machine games, roulette & bingo. We also have Amida, Ancient Ivory, Beta Casino, Betting, Bones the Domino Game, Marbles & other casino games. No real money is required, they're for entertainment purposes only.

Dice GamesDice Games - This is just a small section on yahtzee and craps. These are the only dice games we cover at the moment.

Mario BrothersMario Brothers - Free mario brothers downloads; Mario Blaster, Mario Crystal, South Park Mario & the classic Mario Brothers for MS DOS, among other versions of the most popular Nintendo Game ever. PC, Flash and ROM (Emulator) versions.

Mobile GamesMobile Games - Paid for and free mobile games for a range of different mobile devices, including Blackberry, Palm, iPhone, Smartphone, PDA, Pocket PC & other handhelds. Games like Prison Break, The Sims & Poker Heroes.

Platform GamesPlatform Games - Infection, Nikki the Ninja, back to the forest, bazooka jim, blob factory, Eggit, 3D ball of defiance, Duke Nukem, and many other free platform games can be downloaded here.

Pokemon GamesPokemon Games - Here you have some Pokemon Games. We tried to avoid the GameBoy emulators and bring you real PC games like Pikaball Volleyball and Pokemon Light 1.

Puzzle GamesPuzzle Games - Test your mind with some of these great puzzle games. Three pages of games to download, about 56 games in total and also a special section with Sudoku games, the new addiction...

Racing GamesRacing Games - Racing games like 1nsane demo, Action SuperCross, Auto Bahn, Death Rally, RallyCross, Star Racing, GLTron, Slicks N Slide & JetSki, among some others.

RPG GamesRPG Games - You can also find some free MMORPG's here like Daimonin. The free RPG games consist, for example, Abaddon, Arkoss, Wraith, Ultima 4, Enchantasy, and others.

Simulation GamesSimulation Games - Sim games have always been very popular especially the flying ones. But there are also other more simple types like Desktop plant, Glid Path, Laboratory of Life, Beer and other simulation games that people enjoy too.

Sports GamesSports Games - 1nsane demo, 3D UltraPong, pool, cricket, basketball, darts, baseball, golf, skiing are most of the sports games we are covering. There are also SEGA and NES consoles games emulations.

Strategy GamesStrategy Games - Strategy games like Cult, which is based on you being a cop; a member of a special ops unit, also there's Glest, which is a real time strategy a bit like Age of Empires. Star Drone, GLTron, Deadly Stars are some others.

Tetris GamesTetris Games - Amazing blocks, Coltris, HEXaGEM, & Maxtris are just 4 of the types of tetris games we have for download.

War GamesWar Games - Different war games are available here for free download, combat in desert, with a tank, a plane, or even on the space with these kind of war games. Forum
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 Sports Games and Free Sports Games with Download Sports Games

Card Games and Free Card Games including Solitaire Card Games.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Games For all - Here you can find tons of great online flash games to play.

GameTop - Tons of free game to download, action, adventure, puzzle and many other genres.

Gosfish Games - Download free games, several kinds and genres.

NowStat - Did you say free games for download?...did you say good ones?... then you got it here.

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