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Free License Games DownloadsFree License Games Downloads - Free games to download. Huge selection from action, adventure, arcade, board, card, dice, platform, puzzle, and mobile games! There are also more types of games you can play for absolutely free.

Classic Monopoly, Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, Mahjong, & Battleships are just a few of the board games that people love worldwide. As well as these, we also have Mastermind to give your brain a workout, & tic tac toe to relax.

No ScreenshotAmbush - 70kb - Ambush is an ancient board game like chess. Ambush! is the solitaire game of combat, adventure, and heroism in World War Two France. Using a ground-breaking development of the programmed paragraph solitaire system, Ambush! gives the player control of an American squad, faced with a variety of missions against an ever-changing, hidden German foe.

No ScreenshotBackup - 123kb - MS Windows board game.
Mirror 1

Ball MasterBall Master Win95 - 1.1mb - Ball Master is freeware mind game, member of Mind Master games family. Put appearing balls into lines, by moving them horizontally or vertically. If enough long line created, it will disappear.
Mirror 1

Sea BattleBattleships / Sea Battle - 160kb - The objective of this game is to locate your opponent's fleet and sink it. The battleships comes in various shapes and sizes, and they could be any where within the 10x10 squares. First one to lose their battle group, loses the game.

Board Games for 2Board Games For 2 - 1mb - Internet Board Games For 2 allows you and a friend to play 8 great games. Included are, Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Goban, Pipes, Race Chase, Fox & Hounds, and Flag Ship. Play on the same computer, over the net or via LAN.

No ScreenshotBoard Games Volume 1 - 320kb - Chess, Backgammon, Checkers multiplayer.

No ScreenshotBoard Games Volume 2 - 400kb - FlagShip, Pipes, RaceChase, etc - multiplay.

BogBog - 770kb - This is an interesting sort of word game, the object is to make words out of a grid made up of 25 random letters (the same letter might be used more than once). You click on one letter, then you click letters next to that letter and the subsequent letters until you form a word.

No ScreenshotChain Reaction - Chain Reaction two player game like Othello.

No ScreenshotConnect - 20kb - Link Dead - If you know of where we can find a working link please contact us.

No ScreenshotDestroyer - 100kb - Destroyer Game - Battleship-type game.

Mirror 1

Dragons MahjongDragons Mahjong - 4.57mb - The object of "Dragons" mahjongg is to clear as many mahjong tiles as possible. 360 Layouts, 72 Tile Sets, 72 Backgrounds and 30 music tracks.
Mirror 1

No ScreenshotEl-Ixir - 440kb - This is a shareware programme. El-Ixir is different from most of the board game, because of the random factor introduced into the game. Play it and see.

Mirror 1

No ScreenshotFiller Win95/NT - 140kb - Logic game where you invade an area by flooding colours.
Mirror 1

No ScreenshotFlipped Out - 25kb - This simple Othello-type game casts you against your computer opponent. You will always get the first move in the shareware version of the game.

Flowers 50kb - PC game. Strategic domino-like board game.

Fyrad 32Fyrad 32 - 370kb - Fyrad 32 is a freeware version of the classic Connect four game available for Windows 95/98/NT. You can play over Lan and the internet if you get bored of the computer players.
Mirror 1

Game ChestGame Chest - 1.17mb - Game Chest lets you play five different games against the computer or a friend. Backgammon, Yatze, Rummy, Queen's Audience, and Fortunes Favor.

No ScreenshotGini's Six Pack Bingo - 510kb - Link Dead - Please contact us if you know of a working link. Contains several BINGO games which are all a pleasure to play.

No ScreenshotGo-Moku - 380kb - Go-Moku v2.1 - Japaneese game.
Mirror 1

KoohgKoohg - 1mb - Unique multi-player (Two or Four competitors) Strategic Board-Puzzle Game.

No ScreenshotKoro (Win 3.x) 80kb - Koro for Windows, action board game.
Mirror 1

Letter RackLetter Rack (Classic) - 1.65mb - A Scrabble® type word game. It does not depend on large word lists and is solely reliant on its game play strategy to beat an opponent.
Mirror 1

Lines 95Lines95 - 200kb - Logical Game. Could be compared to Tetris.
Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

Literati LiteLiterati Lite - 114kb - Do you like Scrabble®? If so, you'll love Literati, the addictive crossword board game for 1-4 players that will keep you playing for hours.

Play Sudoku

Sudoku GamesSudoku Games - Several Sudoku games available to download for free are gathered here. Games like Imperial Sudoku. Also Sudoku games for mobile devices and Online Sudoku.

Main Board Games

BackgammonBackgammon - Free backgammon game downloads. Backgammon for Win95, Backgammon Deluxe to place a traditional game of backgammon on your computer and other backgammon games. Also a page on how to play backgammon.

CheckersCheckers - Checkers and Chinese Checkers free downloads. Championship Chinese Checkers, DOS version checkers, Checkers 95, CheckerCom, C.W.A.N, Damas 99 & more different versions of checkers.

ChessChess - A few different Chess games you can download for free. Battle Chess, DBS Chess, GNU Chess, K-Chess Elite & other freeware/shareware games.

DominoesDominoes - Dominoes games for playing dominoes you can download free ware game dominoes here. Dominion by WinGames, Dominoes for Windows, Draw Dominoes (Dom95 & Dom2000) & Shark Dominoes.

Mah JongMah Jong - Mah jong games and free mah jong downloads. Various mahjong style games. Mah Jong for windows, Mah Jong Solitaire, Hiragana Tiles and other Mahjong games.

MastermindMastermind - Mastermind games (some freeware) which you are can download - Mastore Mind, Mind's Mastermind & WinMind for download.

MonopolyMonopoly - Monopoly downloads and monopoly games with free monopoly downloads. Monopoly Twisted & more monopoly versions can be found here.

Tic Tac ToeTic Tac Toe - Tic Tac Toe games can be quite challenging and frustating at times depending on how large of a grid you play on and how many O's and X's you need in a row. Tic Tac Toe game downloads.

GNU Chess Screenshot (Click to enlarge)

More Board Games

No ScreenshotMathchem 2.0 - 793kb - Matchem is a colourful board game similar Concentration.
Mirror 1

MetropolisMetropolis (A World Table Game) - 592kb - You manipulate your piece around the board and strategically purchase terrains, build in them up to six different structures and try to make a rough time for your adversaries.
Mirror 1

No ScreenshotNine Men's Morris (v0.8) - 40kb - Chess-like game. An exciting capture and defend strategy game.
Mirror 1

No ScreenshotNumerical Logic Win95 - 160kb - Link Dead - If you know of where we can find a working link please contact us.

No ScreenshotOthello Win95 - 230kb - Link Dead - If you know of where we can find a working link please contact us.

No ScreenshotPardon (Win95) - 340kb - Link Dead - If you know of where we can find a working link please contact us. Simple, yet challenging boardgame in the classic mold of backgammon, checkers, and go.

No ScreenshotQuod - 150kb - The goal is to place pieces on a grid so that they form a square. The player who makes a square first wins. Quod is played on an 11-by-11 square grid board.
Mirror 1

No ScreenshotSearch and Destroy - 100kb - Link Dead - If you know of where we can find a working link please contact us.

Shipbomber 95Shipbomber 95 - 50kb - Play a game of luck and wits against a computer opponent! Click on the wavy blue board to pick a square and drop a bomb. Be careful though, because there is a limited number of bombs! See if you can find all the hidden ships before running out of ammo!

No ScreenshotStrategram (Windows) - 910kb - A challenging strategic board game.

No ScreenshotSubmarine (Windows) - 630kb - Link Dead - If you know of where we can find a working link please contact us.

No ScreenshotSuper Connect 4 - 585kb -
Mirror 1

Super OthelloSuper Othello - 3.1mb - SuperOthello is an amazing and perfect remake of the addicting Othello board game. You can play against the computer, another person on the same computer, someone over the internet or network - Uses little bandwidth and is stable.

T4T4 (Windows) - 210kb - T4 is a challenging board game for Windows 95/98. It can be played against the computer or between two human players.

The Game of the AmazonsThe Game of the Amazons - 60kb - A two-player abstract strategy board games invented in 1988 by Walter Zamkauskas of Argentina. It is a member of the territorial game family, a distant relative of Go. (In Spanish it's called, El Juego de las Amazonas; often called Amazons for short)

No ScreenshotThe Games Room - 1.2mb - The Games Room Collection of Board Games for Windows.

TurboGoTurboGo (Win95+) - 1.1mb - TurboGo is a Go program for the computer, originally written in Borland Pascal.
Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

No ScreenshotUltra Logic (Win95) - 1mb - A digital version of the classical Master Mind game. filename:

ValvoValvo (Win95) - 500kb - Valvo is a strategy game that combines extremely simple rules with unexpectedly subtle tactical possibilities. Like Backgammon, Valvo is a race game in which your tactical thinking is complicated by an element of chance.
Mirror 1

No ScreenshotWinFive - 420kb - Super Go-Moku / Renju.

No ScreenshotWingames Collection 98 - 1mb - A collection of board games.

XcogitateXcogitate (Windows) - 200kb - The player must place stones on a 8x12 playing board. The stones have to be played in random order, so every game is unique. You must follow certain rules when placing the stones, and you win the game if you succeed in placing all 72 of them! It sounds easy but is a real challenge.
Mirror 1