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Free License Games DownloadsFree License Games Downloads - Free games to download. Huge selection from action, adventure, arcade, board, card, dice, platform, puzzle, and mobile games! There are also more types of games you can play for absolutely free.

Gythol Granditti: The Crypt of Darkness, Solar Winds & The Will are just some of the adventure games featured here. Some others you may also enjoy are Hocus Pocus, Lord Monarch, and the popular Tomb Raider.

Free Adventure Games

No ScreenshotBetrayal at Krondor - 36 MB (Inc. Manual) - is an interactive, fantasy RPG divided into chapters like a book. Gameplay within each of the nine unique chapters is totally non-linear; you do have a goal that must be accomplished before you can see the rest of the story, but how that goal is accomplished is entirely up to you.
Mirror 1 (10MB without manual etc)

Caribbean TreasureCaribbean Treasure - Search for treasure on a dangerous Caribbean island. Cartoony, but colourful graphics. Animated on-screen character - This is an average adventure games.

No ScreenshotDare To Dream - 577kb - It's about a boy who finds himself in a "dream" world with something gone wrong that he has to try and fix.

No ScreenshotDeap Sea Adventure - The aim of this game is to bomb Neptune's fleet. With great sound effects good clear graphics, this game could go places.

No ScreenshotDoedel's Hellway - Link Dead - Know of another link we can use? Contact us

Action GamesHocus Pocus - 915kb - Hocus Pocus is a fun, addicting platform game with colourful graphics. Send the little sorcerer Hocus on a mission to prove his worthiness to join the Council of Wizards.

No ScreenshotHeros Adventure 1.79mb - Rescue the princess from the evil sorcerer. 6 different lands to explore. Passwords given as you reach each land. Entirely clipart including the animated onscreen character, but challenging.

Mirror 1

No ScreenshotHoosier City - 158kb - Hoosier city is a top-down adventure side scroller in 3 episodes. You must rid a city of evil mutants in a post-nuclear-war era. You can move from screen to screen to collect keys and objects in order to move on. You can collect weapons and money to buy weapons: you start with only a sword, but in the end you will have machine guns and bombs.

Mirror 1

IndentureIndenture - This game is almost identical to the Atari 2600 cartridge game Adventure. However, it is not an emulator. This game expands on the Atari 2600 original by adding two interesting new levels (the first three play like the old three levels on the Atari cart but levels 4 and 5 are much bigger and more complex)

No ScreenshotJiji And The Mysterious Forest 1 - The name of the game surivie in this camphor forest. In this game you get to make decisions, and there are list of options to selected. You get to eat wild strawberrys, fought wild dogs and do good deeds.

No ScreenshotJiji And The Mysterious Forest 2 - No Description.

Lord MonarchLord Monarch - 1MB - Lord Monarch is a game where you try and expand your territory. Winning strategies include analyzing the layout of game maps, the flow of game, waiting for the right time to attack, and withstanding reprisals...Lord Monarch has all the indispensable elements for a dynamic game.

Mirror 1 | Manual

Scary GirlScary Girl - Scary Girl is an RPG online game, where you play the role of a little girl stranded in a Magic World... She is on a mission to find the man of her haunting dreams...

Tomb Raider 2Tomb Raider 2 - Tomb Raider 2, one of the most famous game is available to free download on Take Game site. Is the sequel of the first version, 37Mb on a zip file, download it and that's it, start playing with Lara Croft.


No ScreenshotMaddog Williams - Go with Maddog as he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime! Travel with him as he learns of the evil swiftly approaching his quiet village. Help him rescue the beautiful Princess Leoria and free her father King Thaylor. Help him vanquish the Evil Serak and restore peace to the lands of Duridian.

No ScreenshotManic Island - Link Dead - Contact us if you know of a working link

Mission CaduceusMission Caduceus - 6.6MB - On your way to deliver plague supplies to the medical station Caduceus, you crash on a strange uncharted planet. Can you repair your ship and rendezvous with the Caduceus before it's too late?

Mirror 1

Mystic TowersMystic Towers - 1.15mb - You are Baron Baldric and you have been asked to enter the Towers of Lazarine to clear them of monsters. You walk about in rooms of the towers, shooting the monsters with your limited magic and jumping about, moving objects, etc... finally destroying the monster generator.

Panic in the ParkPanic In The Park - 1.54MB - Cinematic game with a cast of 30 actors. Newsday's reviwer praised Panic In The Park for "laugh out loud funny" dialogue, acting and sophisticated cinematic elements.

No ScreenshotPro Hunting Tournament - Link Dead. Please contact us if you know of a working link.

No ScreenshotReaping the Dungeon - AKA Dungeon Rogue - An adventure game set in a dark dungeon with many strange items to explore. Battle nasty and exotic baddies of all shapes and sizes with weapons purchased from shops.

Robin and MarianRobin and Marian - It's Robin's wedding day. Unfortunately, he's lost the ring, and his green uniform, without which the fair maid Marian doesn't even recognize him. Help Robin get to the altar. Characters to interact with. Simple cartoony graphics.

Mirror 1

Secret of Easter IslandSecret of Easter Island - Save the people of Easter Island by returning a sacred stolen statue to the volcano god's altar before the volcano erupts. Cartoony graphics, animated onscreen character, tricky puzzles and fun.

Mirror 1

Solar WindsSolar Winds - 500kb - This is an outer space role-playing adventure game, combined with arcade action. The graphics are decent. The sound and music are excellent. In this game, you are Jake Stone, a bounty hunter (a guy who does odd jobs for a reward). While you cruise around the galaxy, you discover a government conspiracy. This game may be hard to understand for some since it has a linear plot.

Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

No ScreenshotSorcerer's Cave - 300kb - A simple, fast-paced "dungeon crawl" based on the author's popular card game, once called "the best game since Diplomacy". You form an exploring party and enter a six-level cave full of treasures, creatures, and traps. Try to make friends, defeat enemies, and steal as much booty as you can carry.

Space DoubtSpace Doubt - 1.5mb - Solve the mysterious disappearance of your shipmates.

Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

The WillThe Will - 1.6mb - Before his death, your uncle hid sixteen gems in and around his house. Find them all and inherit his fortune. A mixture of hand-drawn graphics and clipart with an animated onscreen character.
Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

No Screenshotvampyr - The basic of this game is you are an adventurer, and your mission is to save creatures from a certain destruction in this land of myth and magics. Be prepare to learn and memorise lots and lots of commands, as you will be needing it in this adventure games.

Dink smallwood adventure game (Click to enlarge)
Dink Smallwood